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10 Companies Taking Cannabis Tourism to the Next Level

Weed is not legal in your state? No problem. There are a number of cannabis tour companies taking your 420-friend vacation to the next level. Whether you want to relax in nature among the pot farms or hit up every dispensary in town, states like California, Colorado, Oregon, and so forth have a number of options for your perfect pot-vacay package.

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Find Your Perfect Stoner Vacation with Cannabition

Weed Bus LA

This scenic, two-hour Hollywood tour is replete with a stop at a dispensary, a grow, rooftop drinks, and of course the obvious toke, as well. Running six times a day, seven days a week, you can fit the bus tour into the rest of your vacation plans, whether you want to start the day with a wake ‘n bake tour (the tours themselves begin with a quick sesh before boarding), or finish it off with an afternoon joint and included dispensary discounts, Weed Bus LA is perfect for anyone wanting to get a quick glimpse of the city and all the weed it has to offer.

Flow Kana

Want to know where your pot comes from? The Flow Kana institute, built upon a former winery in Mendocino, California, offers guests a peek inside the cannabis production process, facilitates introductions with pot farmers, offers educational seminars, yoga, and so forth. Flow Kana is the perfect getaway experience for anyone looking to get out into nature and take in (and toke up) the beauty of the Emerald Triangle.

Hot Box Jamaica

Located in St. Ann, Jamaica, the Hot Box bed and breakfast offers a private “ganja vybz” home, tours of “glistening waters,” ganja farms, nine mile, and horseback riding, you’ll get both a cannabis and cultural experience in this northern corner of the island. Lounge with a joint on the beach or hit the town, you’re trip will certainly be ‘irie.’ Just be careful around the cannabis laws — while Jamaica has a medical cannabis program, visitors may need to get a medical card there if they don’t already have one from their home state.

Kush Tourism

Don’t know where to start, or where to go? Kush Tourism has your back. With info about cannabis vacation packages and tours in a handful of legal states, you can find 420-friendly lodging, tours, a dispensary guide, and a information on the laws in each state.

Bud + Breakfast

bud and breakfast

A pioneer in canna lifestyle hospitality, Denver’s Bud + Breakfast at the Adagio features a gourmet wake + bake breakfast, along with bottomless mimosas, coffee, and teas, munchies, beer, and wine all day every day, a 4:20 happy hour, a romantic couples’ package, cannabis tours, and more. Could you ask for a better all-in-one package?

High 5 Tours

High 5 Tours’ cannaventures and activities highlight all the good weed and sights that Portland has to offer. With special events like Dope Dogs and Gnome Grown, and tours of specific spots like Green Choice Farms, High 5 Tours on the yellow pot bus will provide you with a quintessential taste of Portland.

The Potlandia Experience

Potlandia’s raison d’être is “edutainment.” You’ll get a deep dive into Portland’s cannabis culture, its weed, glass, growers, beer, et al. Not only will you see the sights on the bus, but you can consume on it, as well. Let’s repeat that: You can smoke weed on the bus. Hop a tour, or rent out the whole bus for a party — either way Potlandia wants to give you a rock ‘n roll (a joint) experience.

The Original Canna+Bus

The premium Seattle Cannabus tour offers visitors a perspective from the epicenter of the northern Pacific city’s riveting cannabis culture. Over the three hour tour, the bus takes riders behind the scenes of revered adult use dispensaries, including The Green Door Seattle, Herban Legends, Diego Pellicer, as well as the Dawg Star Cannabis garden.

Green Tours

LA’s a big city, with lots of weed. Can’t decide what to do? Choose one or all three of Green Tours’ rides, including the 420 Experience Tour, highlighting a cannabis grow, a dispensary, a scenic drive, a glass blowing demonstration and food; the Hollywood Cannabis Tour, featuring a grow, a scenic Hollywood drive, a dispensary, and a cannabis gallery/lounge; and the 420 Venice Art Tour, replete with visits to a cannabis friendly 3D art gallery, a dispensary, the beach, and a CBD shop.

Cannabition Immersive Cannabition Museum

cannabition bongzilla install

Be One of the First to Witness the Magic of Cannabition in September

With new options for 420-friendly cannabis experiences popping up all of over the country and the world, Cannabition is still the first and only of it’s kind. Make sure you’re one of the first to experience the world’s first immersive cannabis museum by buying your early bird tickets today!

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