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10 High-ly Fascinating Facts You’ll Learn at Cannabition

On Las Vegas’ historic Fremont Street, in between the Heart Attack Grill and Slotzilla, cannabis history will be made through the opening of Cannabition Immersive Cannabis Museum. Destined to be the home of world’s largest mixture of cannabis events, experiences, and education enhanced by profoundly trippy artwork. The museum will feature exhibits that highlight every aspect of cannabis, each with a distinct area to discuss a specific part of cannabis culture.

10 Trippy Cannabis Facts You’ll Learn by Visiting Cannabition Las Vegas

Each Cannabition’s exhibits will feature an aspect or characteristic of the cannabis plant; taking visitors from seed and cultivation to the exhibits highlighting the experience of cannabis’ effects after consumption. Our new weed museum is the perfect place for the cannabis curious and the marijuana advocate to commune to enjoy a never-before-experienced canna-venture.

Find your happy place in our Grow Room

In the Grow room, guests will gain valuable knowledge about how complex and innovative the industry has become through the various uses of industrial processes. Through these processes, a number of cannabis oil extracts are produced from the flower, the CO2 oil in vape pens and wax being a few of the many popular types of extracts.

A very evident reality that you’ll become even more aware of in the Harvest room is that cannabis has financially proven to assist the livelihood of regional economies. In March of this past year, The Denver Post reported that the legalized cannabis market added a net worth of $35 million to the local economy of Pueblo County, Colorado.

Bloom with cannabis plants at every stage in the Harvest room

In the main event of the Harvest area, complete with mirrored walls and colorful and huggable giant novelty weed nuggets, you’ll learn greatly about the humane side of cannabis and the generally positive effects that it has on humanity regardless of background. A simple walk into any of the dispensaries throughout Vegas will show that the clientele is of every race, religion, gender and ethnicity conceivable, a true testament to the plant’s sense of bringing people together in harmony.

The Harvest room will also depict how cannabis promotes health, well-being, peace of mind and homeostasis. Cannabis is commonly used for anti-inflammatory purposes, headaches, for sleeping assistance and has become increasingly commonplace for those suffering from PTSD, primarily veterans. Many advocacy groups, Weed for Warriors and Veterans Cannabis Project to name a few, have been championing the benefits of cannabis among veterans coping with PTSD since the beginning of the decade. 

Embrace cannabis technology in the Concentrate room

In our Concentrate room, sponsored by Clear Cartridges, guests will learn about the many flavors of cannabis extracts thanks to the technological advancements in cannabis extraction. Under a gorgeous display of hanging fruit, information of the many flavors of extracts, ranging from apple to lime sorbet and even lobster butter, and its processes to create those flavors will be explained in great detail.

Celebrate the birth of Gonzo Journalism and take a pic with Hunter S. Thompson’s iconic car

Experience Cannabis without Lighting Up at Cannabition

As an experience founded in knowledge, arts, and culture, Cannabition presents visitors with the unique opportunity to lose themselves in a series of cannabis-oriented experiences that don’t require you to be high to enjoy. To learn more about our exhibits or buy your early bird tickets, contact our team today!

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