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420 Friendly Communities Making Room for Cannabis Lovers in Nevada

Cannabis has been an illegal drug in America for the better part of a century. For so long it was painted as this schedule 1 menace – communities were educated all about the horrors of marijuana use and conditioned to think of cannabis users as “lazy” and “unambitious”, even “dangerous”. But things are different now.

Celebrating the End of Cannabis Prohibition with Cannabition in Las Vegas

It’s 2018 and the prohibition of this fantastic flower is coming to a drawn-out end. And communities across America are finding new ways to make room for the cannabis industry and their marijuana friendly constituents.

Building cannabis culture through education and advocacy

Classes like Bend and Blaze Yoga are helping to work this previously taboo drug into popular culture. They offer a way for people to enjoy marijuana and moving meditation at the same time. And with incredible instructors like Amy Hitz, cannabis yoga classes like these are taking off throughout recreationally legal states.

420-friendly communities are popping up all over the country

The Coffee Joint are beginning to open up. They offer comfortable casual places for marijuana users to gather and enjoy the plant together in a public space. Smoke it, eat it, vape it – consume your cannabis however you want to – and then enjoy a nice cup of joe and a conversation with your friends.

Establishments like these are bound to become more popular as more states legalize recreational marijuana. And they will slowly open up cannabis use to the public eye – illustrating to the world once and for all that, no, cannabis users aren’t all deranged criminals or couch-potato stoners.

Las Vegas and Cannabition embrace the international cannabis community

Sadly, in Las Vegas (and Nevada at large) cannabis lounges won’t be a thing until 2019. The Clark County Commission and the Las Vegas City Council are waiting to see what happens in Denver before jumping on that bandwagon.

420 culture is popping in Las Vegas and the US in a number of ways.

In addition to Cannabition, companies like Cannabis Tours offer guided tours throughout the city, to help introduce people to the world of recreational cannabis. Guests can take tours like the Sin City Cannabis Tour, where guests get to ride on a cannabis-friendly tour bus around the city to different dispensaries and cannabis points of interest. Or, if you’re more interested in learning about the growing process of cannabis, you can take grow tours where you’ll get to see first-hand how modern marijuana growers are producing such dank bud.

World’s first immersive cannabis museum set to open in September 2018

But, of course, Las Vegas’ crown jewel of cannabis-community integration is embodied by Cannabition. Cannabition is the world’s first large-scale mainstream, immersive marijuana museum located at 450 Fremont Street. There, you’ll find historical facts about cannabis, you’ll learn all about the chemical properties of pot, the effects, the different kinds and strains, and you’ll get the chance to see the world’s largest hand-blown bong.

Live and Learn About Cannabis in a Whole New Way with Cannabition

Cannabition is a place for people to visit, experience and learn about marijuana – in a hands-on way. Witness the larger than life combination of education and and play when you visit Las Vegas!

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