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420-Friendly Weddings Have Gone Mainstream

From cannabis bouquets to hemp dresses, marijuana is infusing one of the biggest industries in the world: the wedding industry. Discover how 420-friendly weddings became a thing and which companies are leading the way with Cannabition.

Cannabis-Themed Weddings Growing in Popularity

420-friendly wedding

As cannabis legalization sweeps through the country, cannabis consumers are starting to demand experiences that reflect their life choices, including smoking cannabis. The growing popularity of cannabis weddings is more than just a reflection of the normalization of cannabis; it’s also a sign to cannabis brands that their audience wants to enjoy cannabis in more sophisticated ways and environments.

From infused gourmet food to personalized vapes for the big day, meeting the expectations of a bud-loving bride means stepping up in terms of quality and sophistication. Fortunately, there are dozens of new and blooming companies dedicated to doing just that.

The Cannabis Wedding Expo Gives Businesses and Brides a Chance to Connect

Gone are the days where you have to step outside to sneak a toke. But what about enjoying a cannabis-infused ceremony privately with your family and friends? The Cannabis Wedding Expo is here to make that happen. What started in 2016 as a “fun and educational opportunity for couples and canna-businesses to come together,” has grown successively each year and expanded to include more cities, companies, and couples each year.

Co-founded by cannabis entrepreneur and philanthropist Philip Wolf, who also runs a sophisticated cannabis dining series, Cultivating Spirits, told reports he was inspired to launch the expos after experiencing resistance to weed-themed weddings. Curious about what kind of cannabis wedding you could have? The Cannabis Wedding Expo will visit Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Denver in January 2019.

Keep it Classy with My Bud Vase

my bud vase cannabition

My Bud Vase has carved a name for itself in the cannabis industry and the wedding industry by providing women stunning pieces to smoke from and admire. Like many in the industry, the work of Sullivan is oriented around normalization and empowering cannabis smokers by giving them a classy, understated way to consume. Each piece comes with its own certificate and flower that is also a cleaning tool, making it a discreet option that doubles as a stunning centerpiece.

Infuse your dining experience with a bit of bud

Looking for a bit more from your wedding cake? What about your reception dinner? Since the launch of legal recreational markets, more chefs are stepping up their kitchen game with cannabis. From CBD oil-infused baked goods to meals enhanced with cannabinoids and terpenes, cannabis cooking has taken off in 2018 and the wedding industry is no different. With cannabis strain pairings and infused cocktails featuring flavored CBD tinctures, there are dozens of ways for ‘newly-weeded’ couples to celebrate their love of cannabis and each other.

cannabis reception dinner cannabition

Why Wait for a 420-Friendly Wedding to Celebrate Cannabis?

Cannabition cannabis museum just opened in Las Vegas. With movable walls and pop-up artist installations, the venue aims to be an international home for cannabis enthusiasts and an Instagrammable adventure for those over 21. The 420-friendly space, which is also a bookable venue, also houses the Red Shark from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and the world’s largest bong, Bongzilla. Experience the magic for yourself the next time you’re in downtown Las Vegas!

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