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A 24-foot-tall Bong is in Downtown Las Vegas and it’s Name is Bongzilla

There are a lot of strange things you can find, wandering the neon heart of Las Vegas.  And if you’re rambling around Fremont Street and find yourself staring down a 24-foot bong, don’t bother pinching yourself. You aren’t dreaming. You’ve just come to Cannabition.

Meet the World’s Largest Bong at Cannabition, Bongzilla

24-foot-tall bongzilla

Cannabition cannabis museum is the world’s first immersive, mainstream cannabis art museum and attraction in Downtown Las Vegas. The museum is unique to even Las Vegas, full of fascinating pop-up exhibits, displays, and cannabis culture artifacts. It is also home to the world’s largest ever, handmade and fully functional glass bong.

Building Bongzilla in Seattle

jerome baker designs builds worlds biggest bong

The bong, custom crafted by a team of designers and artists led by Jerome Baker Designs, Bongzilla was built specifically for the museum during 4/20 weekend in 2018. Sponsored by Cannabition and The Weekend Unlimited, the days-long celebration brought together some of the best glass artists in the industry.  The massive glass piece is functional and each section is has been treated with uranium. Unfortunately, this bong is not for smoking until laws in Nevada are changed to include cannabis lounges.

Which is more than alright. This functional water-pipe is an artistic achievement of the highest caliber and it deserves to be admired, not necessarily used–for now at least.

Explore Cannabis Culture in a Weed Wonderland for Grown-Ups

Cannabition is much bigger than their 24-foot-tall bong. Inside you’ll find all kinds of interesting displays about cannabis, information, history, chemistry – everything you need to know about this plant is compiled here.

cannabis facts grow room

The museum features tons of local cannabis businesses and products that visitors can then go hunt down after their visit to Cannabition. It is, at once, a place to learn about the nature of cannabis and your options as an adult consumer.

Trip Your Way to the World’s Biggest Bong at Cannabition

Even if you aren’t a cannabis user, Cannabition is packed with more than just a 24-foot-tall bong. The museum includes 20 different art exhibits and cannabis-themed pop-up installations, like the Red Shark from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and a forest of giant hug-a-buds. Are you ready to book your tour yet?

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