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Bongzilla Featured on Now This News

NowThis Weed goes live with Cannabition, Jerome Baker Designs, and the Weekend Unlimited in an unprecedented celebration of cannabis community and culture over 4/20 weekend in Seattle as dozens gather to build the world’s largest bong, Bongzilla.

Meet Jason Harris: the Man Who Builds Giant Bongs

The cannabis community came out in full force over April 20th weekend to witness marijuana history in the making. In a multi-day build led by Jerome Baker Designs, dozens of glass artists and cannabis advocates gathered to make Bongzilla, the world’s largest bong.

Jason Harris, founder and co-owner of Jerome Baker Designs has been working with glass for more than two decades and earned his reputation for making larger-than-life bongs that are also pieces of glass art.

You Decide: Is it Art or Is it Paraphernalia?

Is the world’s largest bong a piece of art or is it cannabis paraphernalia? Decide for yourself when you book the ticket and take the ride through Cannabition cannabis museum.

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