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Cannabition: Bringing the World’s Biggest Bong to Life

The world’s biggest bong is being made in Las Vegas, Nevada, courtesy of Cannabition, an immersive cannabis art museum opening up right here in the heart of Downtown LV.

Cannabition’s Campaign for the World’s Largest Bong

Sin City is notorious for its larger than life charisma and style and now, as legal cannabis floods the nation, it’s no surprise that the ‘city of vices’ will spend 2018 breaking bong records and making cannabis news headlines.

bongzilla by jerome baker designs

Considering that Jerome Baker’s normal-sized bongs sell in galleries for around $20,000, this could very well be the most expensive (and heaviest) piece of glass art ever blown!

Bongzilla takes its place at Cannabition Cannabis Museum in Downtown Las Vegas

The bong will be featured at the end of Cannabition’s series of immersive cannabis art exhibits. Not only will be this piece be custom made for the museum; it will be completely functional. (Though public consumption is still illegal in Nevada, the team behind Cannabition dreams of creating one of the first legal, state-approved cannabis lounges.)

But smoker beware! unless you’ve got the lungs of a whale, chances are you won’t make it through a full rip. If you do, don’t forget your space helmet – because you’re headed to the stratosphere.

Making glass and cannabis art history by building the world’s biggest bong

Blowing glass is a very difficult and complex process. Blowing glass on a scale large enough to craft the world’s largest bong, is nothing short of a monumental artistic, and even scientific, undertaking. Completing this piece will be a historic cannabis accomplishment. Jerome Baker Designs will have to use custom-built jigs, unique materials, and molds, and even fork and scissor lifts to pull the project off.

The inspiration for this project came from a desire to do something never-before accomplished – a trademark of the Las Vegas cannabis art museum. The piece will be featured Cannabition, the immersive art museum in Downtown Las Vegas set to open in Neonopolis in September of 2018. Once it’s finished, Bongzilla will be a marijuana magnum-opus and the world’s biggest bong.

Are You Ready to Lose Yourself in a One-of-a-Kind Cannabis Experience?

Learn more about how we’re building the world’s largest bong and Las Vegas’ incoming cannabis art museum by signing up for Cannabition updates or buying tickets today!

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