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Civilized Highlights Cannabition Cannabis Museum

A new cannabis museum in downtown Las Vegas hoping to help make to marijuana mainstream by delivering a unique, cannabis-themed journey from ‘Seed through Celebration.’ The museum, which Civilized reports is opening in Neonopolis in 2018, will feature more than a dozen instagrammable cannabis-themed art exhibits, including a slide into a bed of foam cannabis nugs and a journey through a giant ‘Hug-a-Bud’ forest.

immersive cannabis museum opens downtown

Getting Civilized About Cannabis with Cannabition

The team behind the marijuana museum tapped some of the biggest cannabis brands in local and national markets to build their series of immersive and educational exhibits, including WVapes, The Clear Concentrates, Leafly, and more. Curious about what you’ll learn at Cannabition? The museum is offering discounted tickets for a short time.

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