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CNN Travels to Discover Cannabition Marijuana Museum

Sin City’s newest, over the top attraction and museum, Cannabition marijuana museum will feature a “two-story-tall specimen of supersized drug paraphernalia,” according to CNN Travel.

Travel with CNN to Cannabition Cannabis Museum

world's biggest bong

The bong, also called Bongzilla by fans of the museum, will be one of the main attractions the instagrammable, cannabis-themed experience. While the bong is completely function, the Las Vegas art museum will remain a non-consumption space, although there are plans in Las Vegas to see social consumption come to fruition like it has in other states, most notably Colorado.

Learn more about what to expect from Cannabition marijuana museum with CNN Travel:

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See the World’s Largest Bong for Yourself at Cannabition

Cannabition marijuana museum will be celebrating its Grand Opening weekend beginning September 20th through the 23rd. Take your free tour by booking your tickets today!

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