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Consume to Commune: Cannabition Becomes a Part of the Las Vegas Cannabis Community with Ribbon Cutti

With millions of visitors every year, Downtown Las Vegas is a thriving mecca of art and culture and as of September 20th, home to the world’s first immersive cannabis museum and attraction of its kind. Celebrate the turning of the tide in cannabis history with Cannabition cannabis museum in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Embraces Cannabis Culture with Cannabition

welcoming cannabition to las vegas

While legalized cannabis is still a relatively new phenomenon in modern American history, the cannabis plant has had a relationship with humanity for more than 10,000 years. With its immersive cannabis art installations and interactive displays, Cannabition celebrates the history of cannabis and it’s relationship with mankind.

Building Cannabition required dedication, effort, and collaboration from some of our best and brightest in the cannabis community as well as mainstream industries. Las Vegas, with its history of ‘regulating the unregulatable’ and it’s internationally recognized flair for the dramatic, is was a natural choice for an experience like Cannation. The Silver State’s status as the best regulated recreational market, also made it the most responsible choice.

Ways that Las Vegas has stepped up the recreational cannabis market for consumers and patients alike

Indoor Marijuana Grow Room with Plants in Soil Under Lights

Taking a cue from older legal marijuana markets, regulators in Nevada have not only developed the most stringent testing and packaging regulations for cannabis products and flower, the local Las Vegas cannabis industry has stepped up as well. From new packaging requirements, to double testing standards pioneered by leading laboratories in Nevada, to ensure patients and consumers know:

  1. What’s really in their weed, including cannabinoids, terpenes, and more.

  2. What the best way to consume their cannabis is

  3. What the correct dose for their cannabis product is

  4. What effects they can reasonably expect when consuming according to the label’s instructions

 Las Vegas has also been a pioneer for facilitating responsible consumption laws in a state-legal marijuana market. Since the launch of the state’s recreational marijuana market, sales have soared but tickets for public consumption have stayed modest, even on the Strip.

 Celebrating the cannabis community with a city of ‘firsts’

neon las vegas

With one of the most active and vibrant and diverse local cannabis communities is in the country, patients and advocates helped make marijuana legal in Nevada. The local cannabis industry’s connection to the patients in their community is one of the driving forces and the

foundation of the mission for many medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas.

Stepping up in terms of products and accessibility isn’t the only way that the city of Las Vegas has made it easier the 420-friendly in Sin City. In addition to housing the world’s largest bong, Las Vegas is also home to the world’s largest cannabis store and it’s first ‘cannabis farmer’s market,’ both located just minutes from the heart of the Neon city. Nestled in the heart of this vibrant, cannabis-friendly community, Cannabition is helping shape the future of cannabis culture by building an international homing beacon for the cannabis community and the canna-curious.

Cut the Green Ribbon with Cannabition to Celebrate Cannabis Normalization

Wondering what you’ll find at Cannabition? The cannabis museum announced it’s soft opening on August 30th and will be holding select preview showings through their opening weekend in September 2018. Sign up for updates or connect with Cannabition on social media to stay up to date for your sneak peek before we open!

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