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Capturing Cannabition’s Instagrammable Experiences with Dope

Are you ready to get lost in a weed wonderland? Cannabition cannabis museum, an immersive attraction inspired by experiential masterpieces like Meow Wolff and the Ice Cream Museum, takes visitors on a series of Instagramable experiences that celebrate the journey from ‘seed to celebration.’ Take the sneak peek tour of the new downtown Las Vegas art museum with Derek Gumin and Dope Magazine.

Creating Instagramable Experiences with Cannabis

Nestled in the corner of Neonopolis, Cannabition cannabis museum makes itself known from afar thanks to a 170-ft mural that pays tribute to cannabis past, present, and future. The mural was the first live installation at the museum but it’s first artifact, The ‘Red Shark’ from Hunter S. Thompson’s iconic short story turned movie, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas captured the minds and hearts of cannabis activists from around the world.

The Cannabition exhibit will be the first public viewing of the car and its contents since the Gonzo journalist‘s death. Visitors will be able to peek into Thompson’s unique brand of genius along with immersive exhibits focused on giving visitors something to selfie with, like the world’s largest bong, aka Bongzilla.

Are You Ready Stop, Drop, and Selfie at Cannabition?

Get your sneak peek of Cannabition with Dope Magazine before taking your Instagramable journey through the world’s first immersive marijuana museum.

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