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From 420 Tours to Cannabition Las Vegas: Walking with JJ Walker

In an industry characterized by evolution and growth, more businesses and employment opportunities continue to be created in the cannabis space. With recreational cannabis legal for tens of millions of Americans, a green rush of opportunity has paved the way for ideas like Cannabition Cannabis Museum to make their mark on the thriving cannabis industry. Discover the mission of Cannabition and meet the man who’s making it happen: JJ Walker.

The Vision and the Man Behind Cannabition: JJ Walker

Cannabition’s founder, JJ Walker, is a man with a deep personal passion in bringing memorable experiences to people. After spending more than a decade promoting and building incredible experiences in Denver, Walker combined his gift of connecting people and his love of cannabis during his time as CEO of Denver dispensary, The Health Center. Naturally, Walker was also on the original team that behind wildly popular My 420 Tours in Denver, Colorado.

The long walk from My 420 Tours to Fremont Street

What started as a week-long all-inclusive cannabis vacation to celebrate 4/20 in 2013, turned into a nothing short of a cannabis movement. Since its inception, My 420 Tours has become a full-fledged cannabis excursion agency, with events ranging from Sushi and Joint Rolling to a Cannabis Wellness Tour, there’s a plethora of activities for every type of cannabis consumer.

Like Cannabition, which focuses on education through art, the experiences offered by My 420 Tours focus on creating engaging and educational experiencess. With this approach to cannabis-friendly events, My 420 Tours cemeted its place at the forefront of cannabis tourism while Walker has set his sights on Sin City. Relocating from Denver to Las Vegas and inspired by the mainstream successes of immersive attractions like me Wolff and The Icre Cream Museum, Walker plans to use Cannabition to introduce millions to the story of cannabis in a never-before-experienced way.

Sending people on a journey from seed through experience

Telling the story of “from seed through experience,” the first of its kind museum will portray the progression of cannabis throughout society. Cannabition will: show how cannabis starts as a seed and how the plant has created a profitable industry; highlight its therapeutic uses and benefits; and invite people to engage with cannabis brands in a hands-on way.

Taking cannabis education a step further with Cannabition

jj walker takes a drive in the great red shark

Walker has plans to transform Cannabition into something beyond just a museum of informative weed facts, though. In a city that attractions 43 million visitors every year, Walker aspires for Cannabition to become an establishment that “bridges the gap between cannabis consumers and the mainstream public.”

“(Las Vegas) is the tourism capital of the world.” he said, “It gives us an opportunity to spread the message of beautiful cannabis and the mainstreaming of our industry.”

Already embraced by locals and tourists alike, Walker anticipates that Cannabition will become a favorite and almost mandatory experience for all those who consume cannabis and those who are curious about the plant.

“Cannabis touches so many different parts of our culture and history and we believe in opening our space to everyone who wants to check it out,” he said.

Changing minds and hearts through art

cannabition mural tokyo

Opening in September 2018, Cannabition will be home to more than a dozen iconic and larger-than-life exhibits, including the world’s largest bong and Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson’s iconic ‘Great Red Shark.’ Guests can buy tickets to be one of the first to experience Cannabition at their Grand Opening in September.

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