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Growing Up in the Cannabis Industry: Introducing the Incredibles

The cannabis industry is growing up. It’s no longer solely about the “best buds” and the fattest doobies, and it’s not just the medical side that’s changing perceptions. Cannabis brands, like Incredibles, are realizing quickly that they need to adapt to a global marketplace.

In the near future, expect to see their products in many legal cannabis states, as well as the possibility of international placements thanks to legalization advances in places like Canada, Puerto Rico, and Australia.

From Mom & Pop to International Brand: What ‘Betting Big’ on Cannabis Looks Like

Founded in 2010 by Rick Scarpello and Bob Eschino, Incredibles has been determined to raise the bar for cannabis edibles. From its inception as a small, locally-owned “mom and pop” business all the way through its current path towards international cannabis pioneer, Incredibles has consistently set the standard for the cannabis industry.

“We’ve never looked at ourselves as the chocolate company,” says Bob Eschino, Founder and President of Medically Correct, LLC, best known for the Incredibles brand. “We consider ourselves an extract company; Now that we have such good extracts, we can put them into so many different products.”

Crafting better cannabis edibles for patients and consumers

Every Incredibles product is lab-tested to ensure reliable, consistent dosages and experiences and has been ever since the start of the company. Regardless of product variety or batch, every time you use an Incredibles product, it’ll have the same exact taste, texture, cannabis content, and effect on your body. In a market so hell-bent on innovation that product quality standards are often overlooked, consistency is an important metric of success when it comes to infused cannabis products.

Building a business that’s ready to compete with the best of the best

Companies like Incredibles aren’t working to be great cannabis companies, they’re working to be great companies; that’s the difference between Incredibles and the competition. While some are focused on new versions of products in the same niches, Incredibles is looking at the bigger picture, the way Pepsi might have when they decided that they should carry more than a variety of flavored Pepsi’s.

Incredibles mastered the cannabis edibles category thanks to its dedication to quality extracts, brought their abilities to new states and countries as one of the first established brands in many of the newly legal markets, and they’re only getting started.

Creating dynamic cannabis products that cater to wellness needs

In addition, they produce extracts and vaporizers, and debuted CBD and Wellness lines specifically targeted at people who may choose cannabis as an alternative to other wellness solutions, rather than a recreational or medical choice. Incredibles CBD line is currently only sold in Colorado, with intentions to keep it restricted to states with legal cannabis before expanding elsewhere.

In theory, once laws are more definite, you could be seeing products like Incredibles CBD at gas stations, grocery stores, smoke shops and event vitamin outlets.

Founder Bob Eschino discussed how they’ve always been a company that weighed risks, and, right now, the quasi-legal status of CBD is not quite definite enough to risk the existing business and licenses.

“We don’t want to do anything to jeopardize our [main] business [of selling cannabis products] to sell CBD products…I see what the market is doing and I want to be involved,” but not at the expense of the business that’s already been built.

It’s Incredible when innovation meets cannabis education

Not only is the company driven by product innovation beyond category boundaries, they’re hyper-focused on education and making sure consumers know how to responsibly and safely introduce Incredibles products into their daily lifestyles.

Their focus on education is similar to what we see in any established industry: the automobile industry wants you to drive safe, the alcohol industry wants you to drink responsibly, and the cannabis industry wants you to recreate responsibly.

That’s why when you walk into any dispensary that carries an Incredibles product, you’re likely to see no shortage of informational and educational materials covering like responsible consumption, the laws in your area, and even best practices for storing your cannabis safely and legally.

Establishing a global cannabis lifestyle brand by connecting with consumers

Incredibles knows how to work with edible products, concentrated compounds and cannabinoids, and that knowledge has allowed them to branch out into multiple categories, targeting multiple audiences, with multiple solutions to everyday needs. “There’s nothing that comes out of here that we aren’t all very proud of and can stand behind 100%,” said Eschino.

Businesses that are developing brands, in any industry, need to constantly assess the marketplace, the competitive landscape, and the opportunities that may be available to them. In an industry that is still rapidly evolving, Incredibles is an exemplar of the potential for national cannabis brands on the global stage.

Catch Incredibles and Other Cannabis Brands at Cannabition Las Vegas

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