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How to Carry Your Weed Legally in Las Vegas

Legal cannabis sales have resulted in millions in tax revenue for Nevada but also an massive influx of cannabis tourists visiting the city already known as The Entertainment Capital of the World. While public consumption is still illegal in Nevada, you are still able to carry your green, as long as you’re following the rules. Learn how to carry weed legally in Nevada with Cannabition.

No Zip-Loc Bags Allowed: Proper Cannabis Storage in Sin City

However, even legal recreational marijuana in Las Vegas and Greater Nevada have enhanced access to cannabis, there are still a number of rules regarding proper storage of cannabis that any Las Vegan or visitor needs to be aware of.

Recreational marijuana do’s and don’ts in Nevada

While it is legal to both consume privately and possess cannabis on your person, walking down The Strip with your cannabis in a Zip-Loc baggie is technically illegal.

Granted, the chances of being randomly stopped by a police officer based on no present suspicious behavior or probable cause out of the millions of people in Las Vegas is rather slim, it’s still a wise decision to be knowledgeable of and follow the rules of proper cannabis storage in Las Vegas.

Is your cannabis stored in a childproof container?

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As for edibles, they must abide by very similar rules. According to the cannabis laws in Las Vegas, Nevada Administrative Code 453A.500, “marijuana-infused products in solid or liquid form must be packaged in plastic which is 4 millimeters or more in thickness and must be heat-sealed without an easy-open tab, dimple, corner, or flap so that it is difficult for a child to open and as a tamper-proof measure.”

Stay savvy and keep cannabis away from kids

To keep the appeal of cannabis usage further away from children, no edible cannabis products may resemble any real or fictional characters, cartoons, caricatures or even animals. Furthermore, edible products can’t resemble or imitate any edible products that are commonly marketed towards children. Given that prevention of underage use of cannabis is a priority for the industry and regulators alike, these industry-wide laws are somewhat justified and certainly necessary.

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Breaking Cannabis Consumption into the Mainstream with Cannabition

At Cannabition, our goal is to provide entertaining and educational experiences that allow our audiences to engage with every part of cannabis culture. Curious about what it’s like to walk through a grow? Why not experience it!

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