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How to Stay Stoned and Legal in Las Vegas

Recreational cannabis in Las Vegas has been legal for a year, opening a floodgate of opportunities for cannabis consumers and travelers while also creating a new industry in a city already know around the world for its tourism industry. As the newest addition to the sights and sounds of Sin City, Cannabition Cannabis Museum has learned a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to legal cannabis consumption in Nevada.

Consuming Cannabis in Sin City: Do’s and Don’ts of Vegas Cannabis Consumption

Along with bringing an estimated 6,000 jobs according to The Nevada Dispensary Association, the blossoming cannabis industry also brought unmeasurable opportunities, like precisely how many tourists came to Nevada simply to legally consume cannabis versus other activities. Still, the added tourism boost is something that no city, certainly not one of Vegas’ caliber, would necessarily have a problem with.

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Despite strict regulations, Las Vegas has issued less than 100 consumption citations

Although recreational cannabis consumption is legal for adults over the age of 21, the streets of Vegas haven’t become a giant “Marley-fest” where anyone can light up a joint anywhere they’d please. Public consumption laws are in place and blatantly consuming cannabis in public, even if you’re over 21, will still face a misdemeanor and face up to six months in jail, a $600 fine or possibly both, depending on how many times you’re cited.

While this may seem restrictive towards those who wish to consume cannabis legally, private consumption is legal even for those who aren’t Las Vegans.

Private consumption leads to public enjoyment

That means medical and recreational cannabis consumption is still 100% legal in any private residence. For the millions of worldwide tourists that visit Sin City every year, this could mean a number of locations, including your favorite cousin’s place. When it comes finding cannabis to consume, dozens of Las Vegas recreational dispensaries are stocked with almost every cannabis product imaginable.

Any friend or family member’s place of residence does qualify given that the owner of the residence approves. While some apartment complexes may have clauses in their contracts that prohibit marijuana usage within the premises, remember that most apartments usually contain some form of balcony if the tenant doesn’t want indoor cannabis smoking.

Keep cannabis away from casinos

Even though Vegas is a wonderland, it’s important to realize that many of the colossal and iconic hotels like Aria Resort and Casino on The Strip cannot allow cannabis usage on their respective properties. They’ll by no means confiscate your green if the staff see it, but your room reeking of cannabis could result in financial penalties and getting caught consuming will have you escorted out. Keep in mind that with discrete and potent options like vape pens, edibles, and THC-infused juices, visiting cannabis consumers have plenty of options.

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Consider opting for hotel alternatives when visiting Las Vegas

For those traveling on a budget, there’s always Airbnb and HomeAway. While it’s close to impossible to determine the number of rental properties in Las Vegas and then precisely how many are cannabis friendly, a simple search with the words “420 friendly” or “cannabis allowed” will yield a large number of results.

Those visiting Vegas to consume cannabis should follow the rules of their hosts, whether that be a rental property or Caesars Palace. But with the endless ways to consume cannabis, getting a little stoned won’t be very difficult.

Get Your Cannabis Tourism Tips from Cannabition

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