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Kickstart Your Fall by Visiting the World’s Largest Bong

Nestled in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas, Cannabition is the world’s first ever large-scale, mainstream marijuana museum. No matter whether you love cannabis, or don’t know the first thing about it, this place is bound to be a wild learning experience. And it’s not complete unless you check out their crown jewel, Bongzilla: the largest glass bong ever made.

How Cannabition is Elevating Experiences with Art and Culture

The times, they are a ‘changing. Even ten years ago, if you booked a vacation and organized a trip to a cannabis museum like Cannabition, to see a 23ft piece of art also considered to be ‘the World’s Largest Bong’ people would have looked at you like you were crazy.

If you own a bong, or if you’ve hit one in the past, you understand that these tube-like water pipes can pack a punch. And the larger it is, the higher you’re going. Well, downtown Las Vegas cannabis museum, Cannabition took this piece of beloved stoner-technology and brought it to the next level – by contracting famous glass blower Jason Harris of Jerome Baker Designs, to create the largest functional bong the world’s ever known.

Designed to be twenty-four-feet in length, this paragon of glass art is unlike anything you’ve ever seen – and certainly unlike anything you’ve ever smoked. Jerome Baker Designs is world-renowned for their incredible glass creations, and Jason Harris outdid himself with this magnum opus.

It’s big, it’s badass, and it only costs $24.20 (Cannabition’s nominal admission fee) to see in person at the Museum. However, sadly, smoking out of it is not an option – and even if it were, it would take the lungs of a blue whale to do it.

The incredible bong becomes an even more impressive feature when you understand how difficult it is to actually blow glass like this. It is truly an art form that takes years of practice.

Artists like Harris might make it look easy when you watch them spinning molten globs of glass, shaping, and sculpting and blowing them into strange and abstract smoking devices. But rest assured, it is anything but easy.

One little mistake, one misstep, or a little improper handling and the whole project is botched. It’s a delicate process, and it only becomes more delicate the bigger the piece is. And at twenty feet, the level of skill it took to create something this functional and this large is utterly minded melting.

Make a Memory with Cannabition in Downtown Las Vegas

This bong is not worth missing! And, for that matter, neither is the rest of Cannabition. On top of witnessing the largest bong in the history of planet Earth, you’ll also learn all about cannabinoids, the history of marijuana in America, the medical applications for it, and the budding world of recreational cannabis. For a limited time, get $4.20 off when you buy tickets and input the code: 420DEAL!

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