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KTNV ‘Highlights’ New Downtown Art Museum for Locals and Tourists

Cannabis-themed Downtown Art Museum Open in Vegas

Cannabition, a downtown art museum dedicated to celebrating marijuana is coming to Las Vegas,KTNV reports. The cannabis museum will open in Neonopolis on September 20th.

immersive cannabis museum opens downtown

In addition to stunning visuals and the world’s largest bong, the museum will be home to more than a dozen different art installations with more being added later as Live art pieces. Guests will not be allowed to consume cannabis while on the premises but the downtown art museum may be one of the first social consumption lounges in the city.

Cannabis art museum in downtown Las Vegas helps people feel high without getting high

Cannabition’s team hopes to help curious consumers connect with what’s it’s like to experience the benefits of cannabis without having to consume the plant. There’s even a CBD store stocked with one of the city’s largest selection of CBD products. Curious about what else you’ll find in a downtown art museum that’s dedicated to cannabis? Currently, the Las Vegas attraction is home to more than a dozen trippy art installations, a slide, and Hunter S. Thompson’s Red Shark from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Can’t wait for September? Book your tickets to Cannabition today!

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