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Las Vegas Adds the World’s First Cannabis Immersive Museum to Its List of Attractions

When we tell people that we’re opening a cannabis-themed immersive art museum in Downtown Las Vegas, most people don’t know what to think. Discover the journey of Cannabition and take a trip to the most 420-friendly place on earth when you visit Las Vegas.

What is an Immersive Cannabis Museum and When Can I Go?

Part interactive attraction and part art museum, Cannabition is one of the newest models for experiential event spaces, heralded by the viral successes of Meow Wolff, the Ice Cream Museum, and others. Cannabition will take you into a world of wonderful weed installations that you can look, touch, smell, feel, and even taste. To make our vision a reality, we’ve teamed up with  by leading experiential exhibit and event designers responsible for building some of the most memorable movie scenes and events in both mainstream and cannabis culture.

The magic of Cannabition has been happening all summer in downtown Las Vegas, but the cannabis museum will be open to the public in September 2018 and will feature larger-than-life art installations that are already breaking records.

Capture and share your Cannabition journey on Instagram

The unique, cannabis-twist on adult attractions delivered by Cannabition was also designed to be completely capturable and shareable through your favorite social channels so you can celebrate cannabis culture in a way that hasn’t been possible before. Whether you’re new to cannabis or a longtime advocate, there is a space and a place for you at Cannabition.

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Marijuana is one of the most consumed substances on the planet; that’s why cannabis education is a fundamental part of what we offer our guests and visitors as they journey through the museum. By engaging with cannabis facts and learning through sensory stimulation, Cannabition is geared toward dispelling the myths that surround cannabis use, while sharing the benefits that the cannabis plant has brought to humanity at large.

Get your cannabis FAQs answered when you experience Cannabition

While Cannabition was built with the mission to deliver engaging and unique cannabis exeriences to the mainstream, our team of guides and managers are all well-versed in cannabis knowledge. We’ve integrated education at every step of your journey, including teaming up with some of the biggest and most trusted cannabis brands in country, including Leafly, CannAmerica, and more.

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What you’ll learn through experience at Cannabition:

  1. How terpenes affect you and which ones appeal to you most

  2. Why different strains have varied effects

  3. Which extraction methods are the safest and most trusted

  4. Why cannabis product testing is important

Are You Ready to Celebrate Canna-culture with Cannabition?

With more than 9,000 square-feet of space of cannabis-themed wonderland for you to explore, we’ve packed as many opportunities for engagement and learning as possible. Can’t wait to visit Cannabition? Make sure you buy your tickets before they’re sold out!

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