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Cannabition’s Grand Opening Makes Industry Headlines

Cannabis GrowthOP featured Cannabition’s Grand Opening on Sept. 20 in downtown Las Vegas, as the latest in a line of new ‘cannabusinesses’ making waves in the cannabis and tourism industries.

Cannabition, which is funded by Keneh Ventures, a firm created to grow and invest in the “cannabusiness” industry, is a collection of never-before-seen, instagrammable experiences that allow consumers to engage with emerging and iconic cannabis-industry brands.

Designing interactive experiences for consumers, with cannabis brands

“With Cannabition, we purposely involved the most dynamic brands in this fast-evolving industry in our one-of-a-kind exhibits,” said JJ Walker, founder, Cannabition. “Other top lifestyle brands make experiential marketing a cornerstone of their efforts—and the cannabis industry should be no different. Cannabition’s exhibitions introduce the next generation of cannabis marketing as a multi-sensory, artful and interactive journey.”

Celebrate cannabis culture and the marijuana lifestyle the next time you’re in Las Vegas when you visit Cannabition.

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