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Rolling Stone’s ‘Legal Guide to Weed’ features Cannabition

From Beer and Buds to Herbology Tours, Cannabis Tourism has been inching toward the mainstream, especially in Las Vegas where recreational marijuana is legal. Take a 420-friendly tour of Las Vegas with Rolling Stone’s Guide to Legal Weed in Nevada.

Rolling Stone’s Guide to Recreational Marijuana in Nevada

While legal marijuana sales are sanctioned throughout more than half of the country, the cannabis community in Sin City is taking no prisoners when it comes pushing for cannabis to go mainstream. From working to turn dispensary experiences into spa experiences to enabling for the first cannabis farmers market to take root, many expect Las Vegas to be the next Amsterdam, albeit a more strictly regulated one.

Discover 420-friendly in Las Vegas with Rolling Stone and Cannabition

Finding cannabis in Nevada isn’t difficult, especially in Downtown Las Vegas and near the Las Vegas Strip. Dispensaries you’ll find in walking distance of your Las Vegas adventures include:

  1. Thrive dispensary

  2. NuWu dispensary

  3. Essence

  4. Reef

Learn more with Rolling Stone before booking your 420-tour of Las Vegas:

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