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The 420 Games Combines the Best of Buds, Brews, and Active Lifestyle Event

The 420 Games, a national series of athletics event, were established as a way to de-stigmatize those responsibly using cannabis as part of an active and healthy lifestyle.

Fighting Stigmas While Breaking a Sweat with the 420 Games

Even with incredible former athletes, like Philadelphia Flyers’ Riley Cote or NFL defensive end Marvin Washington as advocates for medicinal cannabis, the stereotype of cannabis enthusiasts being lazy and unathletic is a well-known and lasting one. Athleticism and weed sadly aren’t often associated with one another nearly as much as cannabis and Taco Bell are.

Changing hearts and opening minds through health and community

Instead of being painted as those who are master yogis and 500-lb weightlifters, cannabis consumers are usually thought of as goofy, uninformed, and more likely to lift a taco than they are a set of weights.

As cannabis goes mainstream, stories of cannabis giving gym-goers an extra push during a workout have become more common. In Colorado, and cities across the country, My 420 Games is also helping break the long held stigma that cannabis users are unathletic.

“Everything in moderation except for sweat”

According to Business Development Chair Bennett Clark, the 420 Games was created “as a way to encourage medicinal cannabis usage instead of opiates, shining a light on those who use cannabis as part of a healthy lifestyle and breaking the popular stigma through healthy athletic activity.” With a motto of “Everything in moderation except for sweat,” 420 Games encourages responsible cannabis usage along with exercise and healthy living.

With a website that blatantly states that their overarching mission is to “focus on de-stigmatizing the lazy stoner image,” Clark said that breaking the stigma surrounding most cannabis users is the most important part of My 420 Games.

“We figured the best way of shining a positive light and destigmatizing cannabis is to promote the people who do use it and the people who are very productive,” he said. “We have former NFL and NBA players that come out to our events. We have executives and families that come out.”

Elevating your quality of life with exercise, cannabis and My 420 Games

Less of a big group workout and more of the unofficial X Games mixed with cannabis, the 420 Games features an incredible range of events including: yoga classes, 3-on-3 basketball, Jujitsu tournaments, a BMX half-pipe show featuring X Games athletes, live stand-up comedy, and a conveniently measured 4.20 mile course to walk, run, skip or ride a skateboard to your heart’s content.

420 friendly yoga events

On the weekend of March 31, 2018, the Los Angeles 420 Games at the Santa Monica Pier welcomed more than 5,000 attendees and 100 vendors for two days of cannabis-inspired events. To conclude their 2018 Tour series, the 420 Games San Francisco will be hosting an event at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, the first weekend in August.

Curious About the Cannabis Lifestyle? My 420 Games May Be Coming to You

Given the incredible response to their series and the continued need for advocacy and education, the future of my 420 Games includes expansion into other large cannabis-friendly cities like San Diego, Seattle, and Portland. Until then, or if you’re looking for 420-friendly places in Las Vegas, you can stop by Cannabition and experience the best of cannabis without inhaling once.

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