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The LA Times Visits Bongzilla at Cannabition Ribbon Cutting

Find out what it took to make the world’s largest bong, Bongzilla come to life with Jason Harris of Jerome Baker Designs and the Los Angeles Times.

Following the World’s Largest Bong from Seattle to Vegas

It took almost 500 hours of glass blowing to make Bongzilla in a studio in Seattle. While the burden was shared by 15 people over the course of four grueling days of work, building Bongzilla the first time was no easy task. Disassembling the giant water pipe; packing it safely; and discreetly transporting it across four states? Impossible, or at least, that’s what some would say.

Fortunately, the team of creatives and visionaries behind Cannabition cannabis museum in downtown Las Vegas like a challenge. JJ Walker, founder of Cannabition, said it took their teams several days to reassemble the piece along the museum’s staircase. Installing the world’s biggest bong required a special clip to secure as well as a particular bonding agent that would keep the giant water pipe intact while allowing smoke to flow freely through the tube.

jj walker cannabition founder

Even though Bongzilla can’t legally be used to smoke weed, it was important to Walker and Harris that it work. Just in case. Find out why with the LA Times before booking your tickets to see Bongzilla in person!

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