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The Las Vegas Review Journal Features Las Vegas’ Newest Cannabis Museum

Downtown Las Vegas’ newest addition, a Cannabis museum with a 360-degree theater was highlighted in the Las Vegas Review Journal. In addition to providing guests with cannabis education, the museum also gives visitors the see the world’s largest bong, Bongzilla. While the museum is opening the Summer of 2018, the cannabis curious can get their early bird tickets for, of course, $4.20 for a limited time.

Cannabition Announces its Upcoming Launch in Downtown Las Vegas

cannabition mural duchess of art deco

Though the marijuana museum is centered on celebrating cannabis use and cannabis culture, due to state laws, guests are not allowed to smoke marijuana or consume it on premises. Because of the subject matter, only those 21 and older will be able to take a tour through Cannabition when it opens its doors later in 2018.

When it does open, the downtown Las Vegas art museum will represent the city’s first immersive attraction as well. The museum’s management team hopes to be one of the first social consumption lounges in Las Vegas as well, once public consumption becomes legalized.

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