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To Smoke Bongzilla, Requires Teamwork

With the world’s biggest bong getting fabricated in Washington over 4/20 Weekend, Newsweek sat down with Jason Harris of Jerome Baker designs to find out just what it would take to successfully hit a 24-foot-tall bong. Find out what it took to build Bongzilla with Cannabition.

How Do You Smoke Out of Bongzilla?

‘What would it take to make the world’s largest bong?’ That’s a question, Cannabition, Jerome Baker Designs, and the Weekend Unlimited decided to find out when they set off to build the world’s biggest bong. Lovingly named Bongzilla by the team of artists who worked to design, fabricate, build, and install the giant, fully-functional water pipe.

Is it possible to take a hit from the world’s largest bong?

Yes and No. While Bongzilla has been designed and built to be completely smokeable, current laws in Nevada mean that consuming cannabis from the world’s largest bong won’t happen just yet.

Jokingly called ‘the bong hit challenge’ by Harris, the fully functional Bongzilla would require the lungs of a champion to clear completely. Unfortunately, would-be Bongzilla hitters won’t be able to smoke from the giant pipe just yet; marijuana laws in Nevada prohibit public consumption, but the museum’s management is hopeful that, in time, laws will change to allow for social consumption lounges in spaces like Cannabition.

Watch the Making of Bongzilla with Cannabition

While Cannabition cannabis museum won’t be opening its doors until later in 2018,  take a sneak peek of the building of Bongzilla with Cannabition and the Weekend Unlimited:

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