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What’s Your Cannabition Ritual? Cannabis Consumption as a Newbie

With cannabis now legalized in an increasing number of states, cannabis tourism has become a thriving sub-industry, especially in Las Vegas. Tourists, the majority of whom live in states still with prohibition, travel to states to enjoy cannabis in a much more legal environment. As a cannabis newbie, here are some stoner tips and tricks to remember the next time you’re in Sin City.

Cannabition’s Stoner Tips and Tricks for Beginners

While Denver contains more dispensaries than Starbucks and has subsequently become almost a “mecca of marijuana,” Sin City has become its own cannabis playground, complete with a multitude of Las Vegas recreational marijuana dispensaries and activities for the millions of visiting tourists descending upon the desert oasis every year.

Take your pick of products and dispensaries in Las Vegas

las vegas dispensary launch of recreational sales

Unlike the underground and unregulated cannabis market in prohibited states, cannabis products in all legally operating dispensaries are lab-tested and monitored in regards to cannabinoid and THC content of every product. As the most regulated market in the world, Las Vegas recreational marijuana dispensaries have access to a variety of cannabis products that can it can be overwhelming the marijuana newcomer.

Yet, with the assistance of informative budtenders, or by visiting Cannabition, infrequent cannabis users can enjoy their first cannabis experience.

Choosing the right Las Vegas strain for your cannabis experience

For instance, Reef Dispensaries has over 25 different types of pre-rolled joints, a method highly recommended for uncommon cannabis consumers. Unlike edibles which take longer to kick in, a joint is usually fast-acting and the high will be achieved quicker.

Discrete consumption with cannabis edibles and extracts

If edibles are preferred over the ingestion of smoke, then one must then consider the prime differences in smoking versus eating. Most notably, edibles will take longer to kick in simply because they have to digest throughout your metabolic system. On average, it could take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours to receive the full effect of whichever product taken, so taking one brownie or cookie right after the other isn’t advised unless your tolerance is as high as Snoop Dogg.


As for types of edibles, this may be the most overwhelming of the dispensaries. From infused olive oils to chocolate bars and Rice Krispy Treat-like bars as well as a variety of flavored juices, the choices for edibles are only as limited as your mind lets it.

As for how potent extracts will interact with someone with a low tolerance, only the smallest amount of any extract usually will be more than enough. Given that they’re constructed directly from the THC oil, only minimal amounts will get the job done if you’re not a regular consumer.

Consume Cannabis Safely in Sin City

Responsible cannabis consumption, similarly to responsible drinking, is absolutely crucial. That’s why Cannabition is committed to helping people educate themselves about staying legally elevated. Unlock the secrets of a true marijuana experience the next time you’re in Las Vegas by getting your Cannabition tickets now!

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