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What’s Your Weed Ritual? Communing with Cannabis at Social Gatherings (Social Smoker)

When it comes to consuming cannabis, the dawn of the age of legalization means that more people than ever are not only able to get high legally, they also have more options when it comes to who and whom they consume cannabis with. For many, that first hit happens in a social setting, surrounded by friends and peers, while others like to toke in peace. Dive into the ritual of cannabis consumption with Cannabition.

Elevating Your Social Connection with Cannabis and Cannabition

legal cannabis consumption around the world

There’s no question that marijuana is a communal drug. From bathhouses in Ancient Greece to puff puff passing to the left with your friends at 4:20, marijuana is best used in a communal environment.  Whether you’re a cannabis newbie or a stone-cold cannabis enthusiast, our immersive cannabis museum is the perfect place to embrace the best parts of cannabis: the ritual of social connection and engagement.

When it comes to consuming cannabis socially, enjoying a joint or several with  group of friends is an excellent way to pass an afternoon or evening, just make sure you keep the following ‘stoner etiquette’ rules in mind:

  1. Contribute your own cannabis if and whenever possible

  2. Don’t pressure anyone who doesn’t feel like consuming at that time

  3. Avoid smoking stems and seeds

  4. ‘Puff Puff pass’ applies to joints and blunts, not pipes

  5. ALWAYS pass to the left

Learn About Different Weed Rituals with Cannabition Cannabis Museum

One of the reasons that marijuana is considered such a versatile drug, is because of how many ways our bodies can ingest it. Which cannabis ritual appeals to you most?

Smoking cannabis: puff puff pass your way into a new mindset

Smoking cannabis flower is one of the most recognized cannabis rituals. Humanity has literally been smoking weed for thousands of years and we have the pipe collection to prove it!

When it comes to smoking cannabis your options include:

  1. Marijuana cigarettes, usually called joints or pre-rolls at recreational marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas

  2. Cannabis pipes, also called ‘pieces’ or ‘bowls’ made out of wood, glass, metal, and more.

  3. Water pipes, aka bongs

As with every method of cannabis consumption, the ritual depends not only on your preference but also on your environment. For example, while you may like the intensity of your favorite indica and bong after a long day, it might not be the ritual you opt for in a more lively or social situation.

Enjoying cannabis discretely with the right vaporizer

While smoking cannabis flower is a perennial method of consuming cannabis, as the cannabis community has grown, so have our options for consumption—enter vaporizing. Vaporizing both marijuana flower can cannabis concentrates used to be one of the lesser-known forms of consumption. Now, as states like Nevada, Colorado, California, and others embrace legalized recreational marijuana, vaporizing has quickly risen to the forefront of the industry.

From fewer carcinogens to enhanced effects, more users are discovering for themselves what are the benefits of vaping weed when they visit Las Vegas dispensaries. The benefits of vaping your cannabis flower or oil include:

  1. Vaporizing is more cost-effective

  2. Fewer carcinogens

  3. Lack of smell for discrete dosing and use

  4. Better dosing control

As cannabis industry technology has developed, so have vaping options for cannabis consumers of every level. From micro dosing and CBD pens to high-end favorites, like PAX, vaporizing weed is the way of the future. At least for some of us.

Add flavor to your life with the right edible

An edible can be loosely defined as any form of cannabis that is absorbed through your mouth, stomach, or a combination of the two. While smoking and vaping deliver cannabinoids into your body through your lungs, with edibles, the cannabinoids make it into your bloodstream either through your internal organs.

As the cannabis industry has matured, the categories of edibles have grown to include everything from drinks, and lozenges to tinctures, solid foods, and even cannabis-infused craft beer.

What makes edibles effective?

Curious about what makes your favorite gummy work so well? The secret lies in a little process called decarboxylation. During this process, heat is applied to dried cannabis plant material as a means of “activating” or converting THCA into psychoactive THC. This process also naturally happens through vaping or smoking.

Find Your Cannabis Ritual at the World’s First Immersive Cannabis Museum

Whether you’re a social stoner or a private toker, Cannabition is designed to help you embrace your favorite parts of cannabis culture, while delivering an out-of-this-world experience you won’t want to forget. Are you ready to take your tour?

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