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World’s Biggest Bong Gets Built in Seattle on 420 Weekend

World-renowned glass artists teamed up over the 420 weekend to build the world’s biggest bong in Seattle. The piece, commissioned as the focal point of a new marijuana museum opening in Las Vegas called Cannabition, is expected to weigh almost 1,000 pounds and required the coordinated effort of almost 30 glass artists to build.

Building the World’s Biggest Bong in Seattle

Glass artist and founder of Jerome Baker Designs, Jason Harris said the project is an exciting and historic moment to be a part of and that Seattle was the perfect place to build Bongzilla.“It’s going to be so much fun doing this in Seattle where (marijuana) is legal and everybody has a smile on their face about it,” he told the Seattle Times.

In addition to standing a whopping 24-feet-tall, the world’s largest bong was also dipped in uranium so each section will glow under black lights. Once built, Bongzilla will make the journey from Seattle to Las Vegas where it will be installed at Cannabition Cannabis Museum, Sin City’s newest instagrammable attraction centered on cannabis culture.

Discover how to build the world’s biggest bong with Jerome Baker Designs

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