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World’s Biggest Bong to Be Built on 420 Weekend

The world’s biggest bong will not only be created on April 20, it will also be completely functional, Newsweek reports. Glassblowers from Jerome Baker Designs will be working to build the world’s biggest bong, dubbed Bongzilla, in Seattle during 4/20 weekend.

Celebrating 420 By Building the World’s Biggest Bong

420 cannabis art cannabition

The giant piece of glass art and history will be fabricated in Washington by a team of artists and then transported to Las Vegas, where it will be installed at the world’s first immersive cannabis museum in Las Vegas, Cannabition. The museum, which is the first attraction of its kind, will pay homage to the cannabis plant and the community that has advocated for it.

Buy the ticket, take the ride with Cannabition

In addition to the world’s biggest bong, Cannabition will also house iconic pieces of history, including Hunter S. Thompson’s ‘Red Shark’ from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Learn more about what the museum has to offer, here.

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