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World’s First Immersive Cannabis Museum Breaks Ground in Downtown Las Vegas

Museums of every conceivable type for any and all possible subjects have become a staple of American culture. Anyone can visit a variety of museums throughout the country and relive history in their own way. Why stopping by Cannabition cannabis museum should be on your list of things to do in Vegas.

Cannabition Cannabis Museum Breaks Barriers in DTLV

cannabition cannabis museum

Downtown Las Vegas this summer with larger than life exhibits and an eye for interactive collections. Cannabis has become both recreationally legalized in nine states and medically in another 21 states, resulting in a $9 billion industry as of 2017, a cannabis museum in Las Vegas, or somewhere in America, was inevitable.saAC

This coming Summer in the City of Sin, Cannabition Cannabis museum will open its doors to Las Vegas’ glorious and wonderful Fremont Street Experience for many locals and millions of tourists to experience, promising visitors an “immersive cannabis museum experience celebrating the cannabis lifestyle.”

According to founder JJ Walker, a man whose impressive career in the cannabis and event production industries includes ownership of a dispensary in Denver and the founding of My 420 Tours, Cannabition is a museum with a purpose beyond getting visitors stoned.

“The goal of Cannabition is to bring cannabis out of the depths of subculture and black market into the mainstream,” said Walker. “Cannabis is a very life-healing plant and this place is a celebration of that and everything it has been, everything it is and everything it will continue to be.”

Cannabition cannabis museum represents a new direction for Downtown Las Vegas Venues

Walker describes the general ambiance of Cannabition as “Alice in Wonderland meets Willie Wonka meets your neighborhood drug dealer.” Except in this case, the ‘drug dealer’ is actually a “dispensary that legally sells marijuana and provides customers the best possible experience,” he said. Providing guests and customers with the best possible experience is something the cannabis industry and entertainment expert has been doing for years in Colorado and Walker sees Cannabition as the next step for cannabis tourism and cannabis events. “Cannabition is first place that will offer [guests] a true marijuana experience.”

worlds biggest bong cannabition

While cannabis won’t be sold within Cannabition nor is it allowed to be consumed on site, the newest Vegas attraction does boast the world’s largest collection of CBD products.

Celebrate the Success of Las Vegas Recreational Cannabis Laws with Cannabition

Recreational legalization in Nevada has proven to be quite a success. Bolstered by a vibrant tourist economy, recreational cannabis sold almost $200 million in retail sales within the first six months of legalization. Celebrate the success of recreational cannabis laws or satisfy your curiosity by reserving your Cannabition tickets today!

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